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Laura Trott

Multiple Olympic &
World Champion


Lizzie Armitstead

2015 World Road Race World Champion, National Road Race Champion, Silver Medallist 2012 Olympics & 2009 Track Cycling World Champion.

Chris Froome

Tour De France Winner is a proud owner of a BikeBoxAlan.


This Dimension Data Bike case was supplied plain, we sent our DIY digitial image, allowing him to create this wonderful looking specimen from his Graphics Workshop.
The 2016 Sky Bike Box. Designed by one of our customers who is an obvious Sky fan and Vinyl Grahics expert!. We supplied a digital image of the Bike Box and then supplied a plain Bike Box for him to decorate. What a great job!
ukBen Swift proudly display his Bike Box Alan.

The Box Drop

"Robo Box" Bike Box Alan tries out a new prototype - "Hands Free bike box"

Technical details are a closely guarded secret at the moment. All our Research and Development guys will release is that it uses a pioneering pre programed key fob, with the addition of voice activation for accurate guidance, spacial sensors allow the safe passage through the busiest of airport concourses. Carbon quick release wheels mean there is little weight penalty.

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** NEW ** Premium Purple Bike Box (2014 Style)

premium purple bikebox

Benefits of a BikeBoxAlan

  • Direct from the Manufacturer
  • The ONLY BikeBox with a 7 year Guarantee
  • Unique one piece Steel anti crush pole.
  • Dual purpose Tool Bag / Saddle Bag
  • ALL Bikes fit
  • 29"er Compatible (see Technial Page)
  • Custom Graphics, Your Name, Flag & Bike Brand
  • 10 minutes to pack
  • 15 Cushioned Velcro straps to secure your bike safely

The BikeBoxAlan vs a Humvee!

The Bike Bag!

The Bike Bag
The Bike Bag that requires no disassembly of your bike – you do not need to dismantle your bike in anyway and it’s an instant solution to protect your bike from damp, dusty or wet conditions!

More about the Bike Bag

wheel box

Laura Trott OBE, Double Olympic Gold Medalist, Double World Champion (Team pursuit and Omnium)
I love my Bike Box Alan, so safe, easy and fast to pack .... click here.
Dani King
2012 UCI Track World Champion. Gold Team Pursuit.
Bike box are proud sponsors of Dani and the Ladies team pursuiters. here.
Joanna Rowsell is looking forward to using her new Bike Box. here.

See the integrity of the Bike Box put to the test.

See Alan kick a Bikebox, that is loaded with his own £3000 racer, out of a moving vehicle travelling at 30mph to test the integrity of Bikebox.

The Ultimate Product Test 2015!